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A Plea for the children of T&T held in the camps in Syria: repatriate them NOW

Whilst regime change corporate media in T&T pursue the discourse of victimhood of Venezuelans who enter our country illegally and break our laws as if T&T is their colony no one speaks for the children of T&T held in the camps in Syria. the human rights of the Venezuelans entering T&T illegally is a big issue whilst the regime change media in Venezuela paints our TTCG as murderers but the human rights of our children living in a humanitarian crisis in a war zone is irrelevant. They are condemned to pay for the sins of their parents/parent. Never forget they are innocent they had no choice in the matter of going to Islamic State they were carried there or born there. All the concern for the Venezuelan migrants including the criminals that are masked by them and are in control of them but none for innocent children living living lives of physical deprivation and trauma caught up in a spectrum of trauma. Children of T&T abandoned by their government and the rest of the social order as we are fed a daily diet of Venezuelans in T&T, victims that we must surrender to but we never asked for them. Who speaks for the children of T&T in the camps, victims, castaways, collateral damage, where innocence is not an adequate defense, guilty by association. I am now asking that you visit the blog: and read the material posted presenting the reality of the children and raise your voice in support of the need to repatriate our children in Syria to T&T now before they die from neglect.

The Islamic State and the Muslims of Trinidad and Tobago in the 21st Century

Now Published as an E-book Online

This work analyses the discourse of the Islamic State and the condition of and the nature of the Muslim Community of Trinidad and Tobago post 1990 to 2014 to understand the impact of the discourse of IS to motivate the Hijrah of Muslims of T&T to the Islamic State. Two core, pressing questions that arise are answered in this work: the why was the T&T contingent to IS the largest per capita in the world and why did the Muslims of T&T who pledged loyalty to IS and acted upon it choose to migrate rather than obey the stream of commands issued by IS for them to attack Western Interests and the enemies of Islam in T&T from the 4th Quarter of 2014?

Bring the children and orphans back home now! Why must they be criminalized and punished for what their parents did, having no choice, no voice, no human agency in the matter.

Sri Lanka Attacks Easter Sunday 2019: Lessons for T&T

The Lessons of the Easter Sunday 2019 bombings of Sri Lanka for T&T

On April 21, 2019, Easter Sunday, suicide bombers and bombings targeted Christian churches celebrating Easter and hotels in Colombo, Negombo and Batticaloa. The targets of attack were as follows: Colombo: St Anthony’s Shrine, The Kingsbury, Shangri-La Hotel and Cinnamon Grand Hotel. Negombo: explosion at St Sebastian’s church. Batticaloa: explosion at a church.

The Lessons Afforded

1. The Attacks that preceded the Easter Sunday operation

The operational cell with it ls leadership undertook a series of operations preceding the main attack. The preceding attacks were in keeping with the Islamic code of Jihad. This then was the serving of notice to the kaffirun that there was now a group of Muslims in Sri Lanka now engaged in Jihad in/against this kaffir/kufr state. The choice of targets illustrated the discourse and worldview of Jihad that motivated this group of Muslims, namely that of the Islamic State (IS). In March 2018 there was the attack on Sufi Muslims by Muslims holding allegiance to the discourse of Jihad of the cell that carried out the attack. In November 2018 two police officers on duty, at the the police station they were assigned to, were hacked to death and their service weapons stolen and in December 2018 Buddhist statues were desecrated. The cell in 2018 sent three potent messages: that the Muslim groups branded by IS as takfir are targets, that non-Islamic religions of Sri Lanka are targets and the Kuffar state is also a target. The final choice of targets for the attack are then instructive.

2. An Attack driven by adherence to Islamic discourse

The suicide bombers included: the son from the wealthy tea family who detonated his bomb killing himself and two others. The two sons of the wealthy spice family and the wife of one the attackers who all died by detonating their devices. The wife of one of the bombers detonated a suicide vest when the police raided the villa she was at with her children killing herself, three of her children and three officers. The reputed leader of the cell Zahran Hashim blew himself up at the Shangri-La Hotel. On April 26, 2019 Hashim’s parents, his two brothers and their families were all killed in an explosion set off when the family was cornered by the security forces. The commitment of specific families to Jihad, to which the suicide bombers belonged, is noteworthy, especially the Hashim family and the wealthy family who were spice producers and traders. This is an operation that falsifies the position that persons arising from social positions of relative deprivation were more acceptable to radicalization and embracing suicide attacks. How does this position explain the commitment of entire families willing to die and kill their children for the cause of Jihad? The families of and the attackers of Sri Lanka illustrate that commitment to wage Jihad to death is borne out by the relationship between Islamic discourse and the Muslim and a non-Muslim simply cannot understand this power relation as they are not immersed in the discourse. In addition, these families were not located in the underclass and the working class of Sri Lanka they ranged from rich to middle class. There was then no cell but cells rooted in a family each motivated by their own commitment to the discourse and their own resources. Which means that there is a base in Sri Lanka that still exists and can spring to life when necessary. The family unit committed as a group to a discourse of Jihad is rare but when it occurs it presents a most potent threat of attack as it is bonded by blood ties and disciplined through the common discourse they adhere to. This is then the model of the cell that carried out the Madrid bombings evolved now to operationalise the Muslim family unit. When this operational unit is welded to family wealth and a wealth generation system then the final hurdle to be jumped is access to the means and technology of making war.

3. The technology of war assessed

The families/cells collected their nine suicide bombers for the Easter Sunday 2019 attacks but the pressing need was now to access the technology of war and the training to use this technology effectively. In January 2019 100 kilos of explosive and 100 detonators were found by the police in a coconut grove in the Puttalam district of the west coast of Sri Lanka. At the scene of the bombings on Easter Sunday traces of the explosive TATP were found which indicated that the families/cells possessed the technology to collect the inputs and cook batches of TATP locally, construct the back back bombs and suicide vests which were the basis of the attack and defense of the members of the families/cells. Islamic State utilized TATP in its 2015 attack on Paris and its 2017 attack on Brussels. In December 2018, an operational base was discovered by the police at Vanathavilliuwa and a training center was discovered after the attacks at Kattankudy, a city of some 60, 000 inhabitants. The links to Islamic State are obvious and the technology transfer between IS and the families/cells was a strategic input to realizing the attacks. The scale of operations on the ground indicated the operationalisation of a strategic plan to create a body of sleeping cadres who will be shielded from implication in the first attack on Easter Sunday 2019 to become sleeper cells. Easter Sunday 2019 was then planned to be the first wave of a series of attacks to follow in the future. These sleeper cells will then concentrate on building capacity until awakened for the second and successive waves. You don’t create such extensive infrastructure to run just nine attackers who are now all dead.

4. The strategy of war and its discourse of target acquisition

The attacks were launched whilst the Sri Lankan political order was gripped by a power struggle between the legislature, the President and the government rooted in the legislature. The impact of this political crisis on the will and capacity of the national security apparatus and its political overlords to accept and deal with the threat posed is now embroiled in the said political struggle. The Islamic extremists clearly utilized the discourse of Jihad of the Islamic State to choose soft targets that flow with this discourse of Jihad. This was the choice of attacking expressions of the Crusader’s Cross in Sri Lanka and Westerners and Western interests in the hotels, all presenting soft and opportune targets for attack on Easter Sunday 2019. The attacks on Christian churches enabled sanctioned attacks with the least possible blow back from the race/ethnic composition of the population of Sri Lanka. Target acquisition was then informed by a political discourse of the demography and the politics of race/ethnicity in Sri Lanka and its impact on Jihad.

5. The abysmal failure of the State to preempt the attack

What is clearly apparent is the failure of the national security apparatus of the State to do its job enabled the success of the attack on Easter Sunday 2019. There were too many signals sent by the attackers before the grand attack that an attack was imminent. There too many interdict ions of key material and operational bases before the attack that indicated that an attack was imminent. Most of all the resistance that came from sections of the Ummah in Sri Lanka to the attackers, the repeated warnings that these Muslims made to the State warning of the coming attack exposed the existence of a group of Muslims intent on doing harm. The attempted murder of Razack Taslim in March 2019 from the town of Mawanella, where the Buddhist statues were desecrated in December 2018 failed to evoke any action from the State. Taslim in response to the attack on the Buddhist statues entered into a struggle against extremist elements in the Ummah annd repeatedly indicated his willingness to report to the State on the activities of the extremists. The hit was placed on Taslim to silence an informer and as a message to other informers and would be informers. The extremist were now locked in battle for hegemony over the Ummah of Sri Lanka and Taslim is now a victim of this battle and the incompetence of the State. Taslim survived the bullet he received to his head but his body is shattered. The attacker made brave strategic mistakes which should have compromised their operation allowing the State to intervene and preempt it by dismantling the cells annd collecting prisoners from which to gather further intelligence. The criminal failure of duty by the Sri Lankan state enabled the atttack where some 250 persons were killed and the network of cadres trained and placed in deep freeze remain a mystery with the key players of the attack with the vital information, all dead.

Trinidad and Tobago (T&T)

In T&T the connection to Islamic State is much more organic and resilient than that of Sri Lanka. The network that recruited, facilitated and certified those undertaking Hijrah as fit and able for entry into IS, exists to this day as it has never been dismantled. The crucial issue is if as in Sri Lanka, T&T will evolve the operational mode of the family/cell? Profiles of those who undertook Hijrah to die as Shahids for IS show Muslims of the major races and classes of T&T and these fighters in a majority of cases were accompanied by their wife/wives and children. The Ummah of T&T has then the potential and capacity to evolve the model that has appeared in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Philippines. The key to this evolution is the commitment to the discourse of Jihad of IS and the motivation to act upon this commitment. The repeated insistence in public by Ministers of government, leaders of the protective services and US military and civilian personnel on the fact of an Islamic extremist threat on Carnival 2018, changes the entire threat horizon of T&T at present. The supply of the necessary technology of war and personnel by Islamic State remains a distinct reality and in the event of such an intervention by IS the dynamic of the attack will change to deeply reflect the IS discourse of Jihad in the West. This will dramatically change the target acquisition process where an attack on premier Western interests becomes paramount and in T&T this places the energy industry and its infrastructure as the prized, primary target. Secondary targets will become primary targets only when the prized target is hardened to the point where any attack can only result in a degraded outcome. These secondary targets are: the foreign Western population or allies of the West in T&T, Western institutions, missions, embassies present in T&T and when the preferred list is denuded, the churches of the Crusader’s Cross and public expressions of the state of Kaffirun Jahiliyyah. Attacks on Christian churches and cultural events by Muslim will gravely impact the politics of race in T&T, destabilising the political and social order to the point of possible race conflict.

The duty of the State of T&T is then to preempt any move to act, ever mindful of the failure of the State in 1990 to preempt, in spite of all the signals sent, the events of July 27, 1990. In the terrain of action of the second decade of the 21st century one must expect that no signals will be sent. The action will be premised on the strategy of a stealth attack at a time of intense distraction of the populace as they focus on a single event which engages the full attention of the national security apparatus.

The Muslims’ of Trinidad & Tobago Response to the action of Brenton Tarrant

The Mass Murderer Brenton Tarrant and his impact on the Ummah of T&T

The white supremacist militant Brenton Tarrant attacked Muslims at Jumaah prayers at two Masjids in Christchurch, New Zealand on 15 March 2019 in an attack of mass murder against the “invaders of white lands.” Sections of the Ummah of T&T immediately responded by insisting that such an arrack on Muslims can take place in T&T. But where are the white supremacists in T&T armed to the teeth to carry out such an attack? The first play on the attack was then pointing fingers at white supremacists but from where? T&T or imported? Then the public discourse changed to that of the threat emanating from the so-called war between the T&T gangland groups Muslim gang and Rasta City. The discourse of the threat stated in public points to the possibility of elements from Rasta City putting down a copy- cat of Tarrant’s Christchurch attack in T&T. Apparently the pressure being felt by the public articulators of this possible threat scenario since the Carnival 2018 arrests arising from the alleged terrorist threat to Carnival that year has resulted in the discourse of a specific type of T&T Muslims now insisting that they are victims. And in their quest for political impact through the constant claim of victimhood they have now pointed the finger at a specific group of predominantly African males as possible perpetrators of mass murder against them. Will all leaders of the so-called Muslim gang be at the same Masjid for Jumaah prayers to facilitate this mass murder? For Muslims outside of the life with no connection to the life are of no significance to the wars for dominance in gangland. Do we have masjids in T&T holding a tonne of ganja, or a case of AR-15 rifles with cases of ammunition or three dozen kilo bricks of blow, H or X or all of the above? If yes, then that makes them a prime target for all of gangland especially Muslim gang for this is the only viable reason for gangland to attack as this means you are in the life and what you have is open season on. Earning, profit, wealth generation drives gangland nothing else. If you have nothing that is valuable in the life what is the profit in repeating the Tarrant action in T&T when you are in the life? I suggest that in your political game of victimhood stay out of gangland T&T business. Before you play political games with gangland T&T first understand the life! The most potent threat to the Ummah of T&T presently does not emanate from gangland T&T but from within the Ummah specifically those who pledged bay’at to Islamic State but are unable to undertake Hijrah and are now beached in T&T, castaways of Islamic State in T&T. But in their loyalty to the Khalifah have decided to act on the dictates of Islamic State specifically the Fatwa of Takfir pronounced on all the Muslim organisations of T&T by Islamic State. Don’t cry wolf in your political games with the Kaffirun when the grave threat emanates from within the Ummah itself. Don’t point at Brenton Tarrant, point at yourself first!

To read my deconstruction of Brenton Tarrant’s discourse of white supremacist hate and the special place he affords Muslims in it click the link–Deconstructed

31 March 2019

The short bios most with photographs of victims of Brenton Tarrant’s white supremacist mass murder in Christchurch, New Zealand have been released. This enables scrutiny to determine how many “traitors” he targeted in both attacks in light of his special emphasis on the imperative to kill race traitors. In the course of this search the fact that he also murdered the most hated person in the cosmology of the white supremacist: The Miscegenated was uncovered. The single victim of the mass murder event that fits Tarrant’s definition of the traitor was a white woman who had embraced Islam in New Zealand and paid with her life for doing this simple act of self-determination. The Miscegenated person, Tarrant’s victim, the product of race mixing was also Muslim which was an affront and the most potent threat to white supremacist discourse expressed in human form, the Devil incarnate. You race mix with a non-white woman and the product of this mongrelisation of the supreme race then adopts Islam. This Miscegenated is the living expression of the most potent threat to the European in their white lands posed by the Muslim invaders. This threat demands the Final Solution! This is the story of my life as I am ever alert in my expectation of the Final Solution. Tarrant murdered a white woman who embraced Islam thereby constituting her an enemy of her race and a young Miscegenated male who embraced the Din of his non-white mother. Such is the nature of Hate as an instrument of Power!



T&T and Guyana in Islamic State’s “Hotel California” in Syria

The Hijrah of Female Muslims to Islamic State: the case of the guest house in Syria

In May 2018 the Combatting Terrorism Centre (CTC) published an analysis of the register of an all-female guest house of the Islamic State in Syria which housed Muslims who undertook Hijrah to Islamic State. There were 1, 139 entries with some level of information in the register with 1, 138 of them stating a name or an alias. Islamic State designed the register to collect the following information from Muslims entering the facility: Name, Alias, Age, Marital Status, Number of Children, Name of Husband, Location of Husband, Date of Entry, Date of Exit. Muslims chose to supply which demand for information they complied with but the bureaucratic zeal of Islamic State to profile all those within the ambits of the state is now a treasure trove for those seeking to identify those who undertook the Hijrah.

The register indicates contrary to the attempt by western media to normalise IS and Muslims undertaking Hijrah to IS with the concept of “jihadi brides” the demographic characteristics of Muslims at the guest house were in keeping with Islamic sensibilities.

Of the 1, 132 Muslims who indicated their age on the register the mean age of this group was approx. 29 years old with five percent under seventeen years old or younger and 20 per cent for those 21 years old and younger. There was then no preponderance of young women undertaking Hijrah for the purpose of becoming jihadi brides who passed through this guest house. This reality is potently illustrated by the number of women indicating on the register that they were married. Of the 1,135 women who indicated their marital status on the register seventy-seven per cent indicated they were married. The next highest category was that of widowed or divorced Muslims with thirteen per cent which was higher than those Muslims who indicated they were single. The kaffirun writers of the article in their continual quest to normalise Muslims simply cannot admit that the motivation to undertake Hijrah to IS flowed from Islamic discourse therefore it illustrated the impact of Islamic sensibilities. The overwhelming number of Muslims entering the guest house undertook Hijrah in a family context. Seven hundred and forty-eight Muslims indicated the number of children they had, two hundred and forty-nine reported one child and two hundred and fifty reported two children. The demographic profile is then clear with married Muslims and married Muslims with children being the dominant demographic. The Hijrah was then dominated by the migration of Muslim families not jihadi brides and foreign fighters for the significant number of foreign fighters were part of a family undertaking Hijrah.

The CTC analysis places great emphasis on their origin as reported by the Muslims who stayed at the guest house. The fact that the language of the register was Russian indicated that IS placed an administrator with Russian language capability at the guest house for a reason as the language of the bureaucracy of IS was Arabic. Possibly the IS earmarked this facility for use by Muslims who came from the former Soviet Union. In the article the Muslims reported their origin from sixty-six different locations around the globe with those in the former Soviet Union being dominant. The top twenty locations of origin (table 1) were as follows: 1. Dagestan, 2. Turkey, 3. Xinjiang, 4. Tajikistan, 5. Azerbaijan, 6. Russia, 7. Indonesia, 8. Kyrgyzstan, 9. Chechnya, 10. Uzbekistan, 11. Morocco, 12. Kazakhstan, 13. Egypt, 14, France, 15. Tunisia, 16. Germany, 17. Syria, 18. Iran, 19. Sweden and 20. Kabardino-Balkaria. The composition of the top twenty source locations (table 1) is revealing. The top 20 locations of origin per capita (table 2) were as follows: 1. Dagestan, 2. Chechnya, 3. Ingushetia, 4. Kabardino-Balkaria, 5. Kyrgyzstan, 6. Tajikistan, 7. Karacayevo-Cherkessia, 8. Azerbaijan, 9. Abkhazia, 10. Xinjiang, 11. Maldives, 12. Kosovo, 13. Trinidad and Tobago, 14. Tunisia, 15. Kazakhstan, 16. Tartarstan, 16. Turkey, 18. Macedonia, 19. Uzbekistan, 20. Georgia, 21. Guyana.

The top twenty locations of origin by number of Muslims contain three western European nations France, Germany and Sweden with the overwhelming number of locations of origin being in a band from Xinjiang in China through Central Asia, the Caucasus, Russia, the Balkans and Turkey. The specific history of Islam in especially the belt through Central Asia to the Caucasus and the Balkans has contributed to the potency of the call of IS for Hijrah in this area. This belt is then the prime operational area for IS in the post Caliphate incarnation hence its aggressive operational activity in Afghanistan. The presence of Turkey in both tables sends a message that begs understanding and preparation in the west. Given the failure of IS to motivate Muslims of the west to undertake Hijrah in effective numbers the question arises of the specific realities of Muslim existence in the social orders of France, Germany and Sweden that motivated them to Hijrah unlike the rest of the west especially the UK and the USA. The reality on the ground was then effectively usurped by political discourses of the west which were utilising a discursive engagement with the discourse of Islamic State to justify and mask their political agendas. Both agents of the engagement peddling their specific discourse of truth/lies of power. The top twenty locations of origin per capita presents a changed yet similar picture with specific lessons on offer. The three west European countries are absent which illustrates the chronic failure of the State security apparatuses to deal with the threat posed by a small minority of the population. This failure continues from the colossal failure of the apparatus to disrupt attacks of September 11, 2001 and thereafter. The problem lies in the continued racist attempt to normalise Islam and Muslims refusing to view Islam and Muslims in terms of their specific realities rather than through western worldviews and sensibilities. The belt from Xinjiang, China to the Caucasus, through Russia to the Balkans and Turkey continues to be dominant in the per capita top 20 ranking but specific spaces in this belt dominate which are noteworthy. Turkey and Tunisia are in both tables and noteworthy entrants are: The Maldives and Trinidad and Tobago. In table 1 there is no location in the western hemisphere and in table 2 Trinidad and Tobago is the only country from the western hemisphere which flows with the position of Trinidad and Tobago as the top location per capita for IS western hemisphere foreign fighters. Both flows from Trinidad and Tobago were then part of a movement of families to IS. Guyana is the 21st location on table 2 which is noteworthy as to-date there has been no public issue in Guyana of Muslims undertaking Hijrah to IS. This is then a revelation that points to the possibility of Guyana being a source location for Hijrah to IS in the western hemisphere.

The case of Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago raises the question if in the absence of Islamic State propaganda on foreign fighters of T&T origin in the IS if this reality would have ever made it into the public domain and north Atlantic geopolitics? In the absence of IS propaganda on those who undertook Hijrah from Guyana to Islamic State is the silence on this reality expressive of the failure of north Atlantic intelligence on the operational activities of Islamic State in the southern Caribbean or is Guyana given a Bligh given the nature of its present engagement with Maduro and the identity of the player in the offshore oil fields? The data on T&T and Guyana from the study of the register of an Islamic State guest house i.e. just one guest house is as follows: T&T: 3 Muslims, per capita: 2.21; Guyana: 1 Muslim, per capita: 1.30.


Jordan, Torture Allegations and the Carnival 2018 threat, T&T

The Roopchand family, Jordan and Trinidad and Tobago

The Trinidad Guardian of 14 June 2018 in the story “Jordanians tortured me” reported on Keegan Roopchand who was detained in Jordan on January 23, 2018 along with his wife and children as follows: “Roopchand issued a detailed statement yesterday.” But where is this detailed statement in the public domain? The article in the Trinidad Guardian gave no information on where to access this so-called detailed statement. And to-date it has never been published in the hard copy version of the Trinidad Guardian nor has it appeared in the other hard copy daily press. If Keegan Roopchand made a detailed statement on his family’s experience in Jordan and all we have of it in the public domain is a reporter’s version of the alleged statement, then he has purchased for himself some plausible denial. The Newsday of 21 July 2018 in an article “AG: We can’t do anything” reported that as at the 21 July 2018 not a single adult of the Keegan Roopchand family has submitted a written statement of their experience in Jordan supposedly at the hands of the Jordanian state to the AG of T&T. Mum is the word to officialdom! This failure to-date is contrary to every action undertaken by Muslims who have been renditioned and tortured at offshore torture sites by or with the complicity of north Atlantic intelligence agencies then released without charges laid since the events of September 2001.

I can only analyse the reality presented in the news report and construct an operational reality from this but there are power relations that emerge that must be stated. An analysis of the news report in the Trinidad Guardian reveals a description of an operation in keeping with standard operating counter terrorist interrogation procedure adopted since September 2001. An intelligence agency of a north Atlantic state fingered the Roopchand family as a specific terrorist threat that demanded seizure and the application of interrogation and incarceration methodology reserved for terrorist suspects. The alarm bells were triggered by this family not for their presence in Jordan but with reference to supposed/possible activities in their country of origin. Now Keegan Roopchand can only relate his experience under detention and interrogation not that of his wife and her experience under detention and interrogation is much more vital to the reconstruction of the reality than his. From his discourse the initial Jordanian interrogation was after their links to Islamic State and the purpose behind their Hijrah to IS. The Jordanians were in pursuit of evidence of Hijrah for the purpose of training then returning to the West in the pursuit of the condition of the Shahid as at Bataclan and Brussels. In the supposed statement Keegan Roopchand made to the Trinidad Guardian the course of events changed when the wife of Roopchand under interrogation supposedly related the existence of an operation in flow to carry out an attack on T&T. From the supposed Keegan Roopchand statement his wife became the main focus of the interrogation and subsequently her personality became deconstructed.

The focus of the interrogation strategy was never on Keegan Roopchand as the wife was the supplier of what was sought. He was then as a result placed in a netherworld of multiple roles and functions where pressure is applied to erode resistance and then rebuild in your image and likeness. Roopchand supposedly said that the US FBI interrogated him after the Jordanians were done with him but the what he says the Jordanians did to him is in the realm of counter terrorist interrogations psychological pressure not physical torture. Why then was, according to the news report, Keegan Roopchand a recipient only of psychological pressure tactics? Especially in light of what his wife under interrogation supposedly said. Why groom Keegan Roopchand to say after me repeatedly when all you needed to do was to intensify the psychological pressure via physical torture which he said was not used on him. Pulling him by the beard is not physical torture in these offshore sites I can assure you nor is stripping you naked and having your solitary confinement cell permanently illuminated. From the press report of his supposed detailed statement Keegan Roopchand was on a holiday in this offshore interrogation site. Why especially in light of what his wife supposedly stated after being fingered by an intelligence agency of a north Atlantic state? Because the FBI supposedly interviewed Keegan Roopchand does not mean it was a US intelligence agency who fingered the family. Such is the game. With the supposed revelations of his wife the pressure was then on the interrogators to ensure that the Roopchands reveal the identities of those who operationalised the attack on T&T. That means the full court press should have been applied to Keegan Roopchand to confirm and embellish what his wife supposedly revealed. And if in the course of the full tilt boogie you realise that you have a problem with the credibility of the intelligence then you move on from there! Keegan Roopchand according to the news story must now consider himself very lucky as other Muslims of the West who were renditioned to offshore torture sites are today bearing the physical and psychological scars for life from this event in their lives. And the technicians of the offshore site of Jordan are noted for their efficiency and ruthlessness making it a go to site in this game ask Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi.

Click Jordan below for the articles listed in this blog.


T&T learn from Suriname

Suriname is presently in very harsh budgetary difficulties simply indicated  by the reality that police officers carry out their duties in basketball shoes they supply as the state cannot supply their full uniform kit. But on 11 April 2018 the police of Suriname indicated that police in gym boots can get the job done as they presented 8 heavy criminal files in the hearing of the two Dutch citizens and residents of Suriname charged with being recruiters for Islamic State, facilitating the recruitment and funding of Islamic State recruits to travel from Suriname to Islamic State and most important for planning an Islamic State attack in Suriname. In T&T every year we spend TTD Billions on national insecurity, we have sent more persons to Islamic State than any other country in the western hemisphere and the highest in the world per capita. Yet not a single case has been brought before the courts much less involving 8 thick, heavy bust yuh godi files of evidence. T&T experienced the expectation of an attack on carnival 2018 now those arrested  are suing the state for some taxpayers money. We had a whole grap of persons arrested for supposedly plotting to kill the then PM now the bills to the taxpayers ringing up chi ching! It’s a disease that crosses the political divide and it’s only the  racist hegemonist believe that their party is decent, respectable, morally superior and competent. Whilst those elected and non-elected politicians play games with public safety the entire structure that recruited, financed and moved all those persons to Islamic State is intact and operational in T&T. Maybe is time we put all politicians, the police and the SSA and those that exist in the shadows in gym boots some Bata gym boots? Cause we desperate and some worn out uniforms with hole in order too.

Fake news T&T style: What Admiral Tidd said

This week news media pushed the report that Admiral Tidd of SOUTHCOM stated that there were 100 and more IS active assets in T&T. The first question was why Adm. Tidd would reveal in public such operational information in light of the SOUTHCOM article in Dialogo on the Carnival 2018 threat? Naturally, I was awaiting the regular post of such press conferences by Adm. Tidd on  the SOUTHCOM website and lo and behold fake news again in the tradition of that “famous” Saturday Guardian article. This is what Adm. Tidd actually said on T&T in the press briefing. Click the link for the transcript and the video.

“Q: OK, General (sic), Hans Nichols with NBC News.

At the top, you talked a lot about extremists and ISIS. Just wondering what sort of evidence you have that either ISIS cells or networks are in your AOR.

ADM. TIDD: I think I would just point to a couple of the foreign fighters that have been very vocal in the past, speaking in English language in the — in the ISIS fight in Syria, that originated in Trinidad and Tobago.

We know they came. We know that the government of Trinidad has spoken of 100 or so that — foreign fighters that have gone to that particular fight. So that’s — I guess that would be the — probably the best indicator that, yes, in fact, there are individuals who have been radicalized, who this pernicious method — message is — has taken root.

And so it’s one that is of concern to the government of Trinidad and Tobago. They’ve — they have focused on it. And so I think it’s a — it’s an area that we all have to take into consideration.”


That Carnival 2018 Threat in T&T: The US Southcom Position

The Position of US SOUTHCOM on the Carnival 2018 Threat in T&T

US Southern Command in its digital magazine DIALOGO an article titled: “ISIS Terrorist Attack on Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago Foiled” dated February 26, 2018 a carefully constructed discourse was unleashed which gave the Southcom version of this reality using quotations from T&T officials to support their position. Southcom states that the T&T agencies were the actors on the ground in the operation but the US played a vital role without which the success of the entire operation would have been in doubt. This is the Southcom version: the US uncovered a group of persons planning to attack the US Embassy in Port of Spain. The US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) alerted the T&T agencies to the threat to the US Embassy. In December 2017 the US agencies, the TTPS and the T&T military “put a monitoring task in motion”. This monitoring task uncovered the link to ISIS and the intention to attack the Carnival. For weeks at a time various people were kept track of in the districts of El Socorro, Laventille, Enterprise and Bamboo Settlement. Five mosques in El Socorro, Munroe Road, Sangre Grande, Bamboo and Laventille were searched for explosives. The article states: “Carnival ended without incident on February 13th, but the event represented a major surveillance and control operation.”

The Southcom discourse reveals nothing further on the plan to attack the US Embassy. The plan to attack the Embassy which according to Southcom triggered the need for US engagement with T&T for “a major surveillance and control operation” is silenced in the discourse becoming an operation to thwart an IS attack on Carnival 2018. The major lesson of the article is the description “a major surveillance and control operation” simply put the IS cell was not dismantled, its assets are still in place. Does this mean that the threat to the US Embassy remains and is now palpable after the “surveillance and control operation”? If yes, the US agencies must act to dismantle the IS cell in T&T as an attack on the US Embassy is an attack on US interests in T&T. To speak of attacking US interests in T&T and to act to attain the end in conjunction with other persons constitutes conspiracy to commit a terrorist act against the USA under US anti-terrorist law which applies to an attack on US interests in T&T. What is sent via encrypted digital means via social media platforms etc. constitutes conspiracy. The Southcom article states that since December 2017 the surveillance operation was in motion following which was the control action which commenced before Carnival Monday and Tuesday. One must then expect that the US operation is on-going and the move to dismantle can very well encompass a stint at Guantanamo Bay in orange jump suits.



T&T: That Threat to Carnival 2018

The tsunami of spin dumped and being dumped on the populace of T&T via the media since the T&TPS press briefing before carnival 2018 that announced a threat to carnival is  instructive of the state social order is presently in. The official line was not to say  “terrorist threat” but as it was subsequently revealed the overwhelming majority of persons detained and subsequently released without charges were Muslim males according to the media reports. An attack to disrupt carnival involves possible action to harm civilians which under our terrorist act is an act of terrorism. But the 15 detained persons we know of according to media reports were not detained under the anti-terrorism act  nor charged under the anti-terrorism act! Two were charged for possession of  part of a firearm according to media reports. And according to media reports those released without charges had their digital devices seized by the police. On February 17, 2018 the three daily papers had headlines that screamed ISIS cell in T&T in some form or another and the stated source of this was the PM of T&T speaking in the House of Representatives on February 16, 2018. In the Sunday Newsday of 18 February 2018 an article reported that the AG stated that the PM never said that as reported in the media. Political spin by the elected politicians, political spin by the non-elected politicians of the national security apparatus and by the media. The most potent instance of an attempt at creating truth for specific unstated purposes maybe to sell papers I don’t know is the article in the Saturday 17 February 2018 Trinidad Guardian titled “ISIS claims responsibility for carnival threat” where the writer states that the February Dabiq article states that a group of its fighters were arrested on February 8 as they were preparing for a mega attack on carnival. When I read this Guardian article I literally piss myself laughing as the last Dabiq magazine issue from IS was in 2016. Dabiq magazine exists no more dead, nils, nada replaced by Rumiyah in 2016. The said article in Dabiq magazine a shot of which is contained in the Guardian article is in fact an English translation of an article in French that appeared on the Voltaire network out of Lebanon. Click the link below! The lesson of the whole affair is the repeat of the method utilised in 2011 in 2018 and both instances failed miserably. According to the press reports of testimonies of those detained it was simply a fishing expedition that held those in custody until after carnival done thereby alleviating the July 27, 1990 tabancca with grave harm to political careers and to career advancement in the national security apparatus. Better safe than sorry! This instance potently illustrates the reality that as the state of T&T and its politicians refuse to wrap their minds around the reality facing us. When you keep applying the same solution to problems and you expect different outcomes then you are ………..! My grave regret is that I am still here trapped in a madhouse where they all acting normal!