Murder Rates for 2019 to 2021. A Comparative Analysis

Country 2021 2020 2019

Jamaica 49.1431 43.93 44.87

US Virgin Islands 43.1754 45.00 40.50

St Lucia 39.7206 30.49 26.80

T&T 31.923 28.29 38.13

Belize 30.3650 25.65 32.80

The Bahamas 29.9813 18.56 24.68

Puerto Rico 21.7802 18.40 9.93

Venezuela 10.8413 13 10.21

For 2021 the murder rate analysis for CARICOM, the Caribbean island chain and Venezuela is only applicable for states where the annual murder toll was made available in the public domain. Given that the murder tolls made available in the public domain was forthcoming from states who over time have significant murder rates affords some semblance of an overall picture of violence in CARICOM, the Caribbean and Venezuela.

For the three year period 2019 to 2021 there are categories of murder toll behavior: those where the murder rate declined in 2020 and rose in 2021, those where it rose in 2020 and continued rising in 2021 and those where it rose in 2020 and fell in 2021and those where it rose every year for the period. For St Lucia it rose both in 2020 and 2021 which signals the raging gangland wars arising from the impact of transnational trafficking between Martinique and the EU with St Lucia being a satellite in the orbit of transnational organised crime in Martinique and along the dual flow Eastern Caribbean trafficking pipeline (ECTP). The case of Puerto Rico is very instructive as it grows into the premier trafficking point to the mainland USA displacing volumes from the DR sent to the USA. Puerto Rico is now challenging the hegemony of the DR to replace it as the command and control point for the dual pipeline linking the USA to the Caribbean: cocaine, marijuana, synthetic drugs, heroin, illegal aliens to the USA and USD cash, weapons, ammunition, materiel to Puerto Rico. This is then the heightening of the hegemony Mexican TTOs through its Gangland affiliates of Puerto Rican origin as Asociacion Neta, ethnic Puerto Rican gangland from the USA and other affiliates of USA Gangland. The US Virgin Islands experienced a marked increase in the murder rate in 2020 then a decline from that rise in 2021 starting from an already region leading base in 2019. This territory is showing all the signs of its integration into the evolution of the illicit trades in Puerto Rico which is now challenging its previous integration into the illicit trades of the DR to the USA. During 2020 the impact of the lock down and the transition in who exerts hegemony over the trades contributed to the marked escalation in the murder rate. Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and St Lucia are then all being impacted by the hegemony of the Mexican TTOs as it is exerted over the Caribbean Basin to the detriment of the Colombian paramilitary Dons. Venezuela’s rise in its murder rate in 2020 then decline in 2021 points to the rise in violence arising from the impact of the lock downs applied during the Covid pandemic, which again illustrates the reality, contrary to the false reality propagated by the regime change agenda and its mouthpieces as insightcrime. This is the reality that hegemony of the Mexican TTOs over the illicit trades of Venezuela has eliminated the chaos and violence for the sake of violence endemic to the model of the Colombian paramilitary Dons in Venezuela. Hence the frantic efforts of the foot soldiers of the Colombian paramilitary Dons in T&T from sections of the oligarchy to gangland, to turn T&T into a redoubt for the Dons. Belize, T&T and the Bahamas constitute the group in which for the period the murder rate fell in 2020 but rose in 2021 The Bahamas outstripping the murder rate of 2019 in 2021 unlike T&T where 2019 together with 2017 and 2018 comprised the rivers of blood, the most potent murder spree in T&T history. It is noteworthy that in T&T, Belize and The Bahamas the evolution of the hegemony of the Mexican TTOs over the illicit trades of these three territories impacted the terrain of crime which resulted in the 2020 drop followed by the spiral outstripping the murder rate of 2019 in Belize and The Bahamas. The diversification of drug flights into Belize where the Mexican TTOs are now challenging the old hegemony of the Colombian Dons and the Mexican traffickers excluded by the Mexican TTOs have resulted in greater tonnage per flight with a diversity of landing sites serviced by a sophisticated transporter sector comprising agents of the Belizean state. This is the hallmark of the Mexican TTOs in operation in Belize. Mexican TTOs’ hegemony has impacted traditional Belizean urban Gangland and new Gangland spaces are under contest that are external of the traditional urban context. In 2022 the Cleansing was then unleashed in the urban context. Clearly the old order of Gangland in Belize is now being dismantled replaced by the order of the Mexican TTOs. There are affiliates of US gangland in Belize whose parent chapters are now affiliates of the Mexican TTOs which is now impacting urban Belizean gangland. The Bahamas has now been reawakened by the Mexican TTOs as a major jump off point to mainland USA where illicit drugs, illegal aliens etc are moved to the USA with a counter flow of cash, weapons etc. Gangland Bahamas is also under deep seated renovation as the order of the Mexican TTOs exerts its hegemony on the ground. In T&T the Gangland truce proclaimed on June 30, 2020 still holds as the players in Gangland are now affiliates of the order of the Mexican TTOs. Those excluded from this order of the Mexican TTOs either serve the Colombian paramilitary Dons or are the have nots of the Game who have responded to their deprivation with a wave of violence against the person and property. The murder rate for 2021 did not approach that of 2019 in T&T because of the unchallenged hegemony of the Mexican TTOs over Gangland any change in the velocity of murders in 2022 will then be driven by the attempt of the Colombian Dons and their allies in T&T to challenge the order of the Mexican TTOs. During the years of the rivers of blood the federation aligned to the Dons was effectively cleansed sending the Message to the uptown traffickers of the Dons. Any renewal of violence against the order of the Mexicans TTOs will result in uptown targets becoming fair game.

Jamaica stands alone in CARICOM and the Caribbean island chain for violence in the social order. This propensity to violence especially in the communities of the working class and the under class, the marginalized spaces of Jamaica, which is escalating, is the legacy of pre-independence and independence politics of Jamaica in a two party system which combined politics, political mobilization, political parties with gangland of the marginalized spaces. In Jamaica today there is in operation a hierarchy of gangland with Jamaican transnational gangland at the apex of the hierarchy with low level gangs dominating the marginalized spaces of Jamaica. Jamaican transnational gangland effectively patrols the boundary between uptown and the marginalized spaces thereby feeding off and exploiting to its advantage and hegemony both spaces. Jamaican transnational gangland are all affiliates of the order of the Mexican TTOs which has resulted in an expansion of the volume of the transnational illicit trades of Jamaica whilst the marginalized spaces are ground down under the weight of an order of gangland that exploits the already limited resources of these spaces with a propensity to violence.

The Power Relation Between the Licit and Illicit Gun Markets of T&T

No illicit market can survive, grow and sustainably generate wealth without organic links to the licit/legal market. With the gun market of T&T there is a direct organic relationship between the expansion of the size of the licit gun market and the supply of goods and services from this legal market to the illicit gun market. All gun markets need a sustainable supply of goods and services especially the services of trained specialist personnel. There must be a supply of guns, ammunition, gunsmiths and trainers, All licit and illicit guns have to be serviced, maintained and repaired, there must be a supply of spare parts and persons with the requisite training and experience must be available to maintain the stock of guns in use. The viability of an illicit gun market demands that the sustainable supply of these inputs which outstrip the demand for guns and shots must be sustainably in place. In an illicit gun market there is then a constant search to recruit skilled technicians to satisfy these core needs which leads them logically to the licit gun market of the national security apparatus and the private sector gun market. In a gun market as T&T where there is no right to bear arms the expansion of FULs issued to the public expands the private sector gun market affording opportunities to the illicit gun market to become part of the licit gun market towards acquiring the goods and services demanded by this illicit market. This is an illicit drug market dream come true in a state where there is no right to bear arms where they engage gunsmiths and trainers marrying this expertise to illicit gun and ammunition flows. A flood of FULs cannot protect the citizenry nor those who have been granted guns for the expanding licit market strengthens the illicit gun market in an arms race that the private sector gun market always loses. The expansion of the granting of FULs is then the arming of an unarmed or in their estimate a too lightly armed oligarchy whilst the have nots are compressed between the nexus of the licit/illicit gun markets. The days of the shortage of reputable gun smiths serving Gangland in T&T is now history when there was a scramble to sigh up for correspondence courses in gunsmithing to the extent where the government banned such courses is long gone. Now there are smiths of repute and spare parts to burn. The explosion of the private sector gun market has impacted the illicit gun market in another telling way through the volume of spent cartridges available which has spawned reloading operations producing shots for the illicit gun market in the entire Caribbean island chain. The kits are brought in sourced in US and its Caribbean dependencies with the reloading presses, and the supply of spent cartridges especially from private sector and national security apparatuses are diverted to the illicit market to reload shots then sold on the illicit market in T&T. To police this reality the continued focus on colonial social control rather than the dismantling of organised crime groups will never present a viable threat to the illicit gun market whose best friend is the politicisation of crime by the politics of race hate. There is no political will to deal with reality on the ground only with make believe delusional reality. Down the rabbit hole.

The Stanley John Report on Oragnised Crime, the FULs and the TTPS

The Stanley John Report on the granting of FULs by the TTPS

This is an analysis of the Stanley John Report as published in the Sunday Express of 23 January 2022 and the Daily Express of 24 January 2022 as I have no sight and will never have sight of the said report, I am no player.

The publications in the Express newspaper of the John Report is to-date the most detailed description of the existence and operation of an organised crime group within the TTPS ever made public. The John Report outstrips the revelations of the Scott Drug Report and the Scotland Yard Report by miles. Like the Scott Drug Report the sitting commissioner of Police was named in the John Report but unlike Randolph Burroughs who was removed from service, humiliated then exonerated but never returned to service no such action against then Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith is forthcoming at the time of writing.

The John Report describes the operational existence of an organised crime group within the TTPS that is constantly assaulting the administrative structure of the TTPS in order to sell services in demand to clients from the public and so doing with impunity as they enriched themselves and weakened the efficacy of the TTPS thereby empowering those who purchased their services. This organised crime group exercises impunity to enrich themselves selling impunity to their clients. It is expected that such clients include transnational organised crime operatives who use this business relationship to penetrate to the bowels of the TTPS towards rendering it corrupt and ineffective. It is also expected that organised crime within the TTPS will move to serve their clients and amass personal wealth through the expenditure of the TTPS, the goods and services purchased by the TTPS from vendors external of the TTPS. This is premised on corrupting the financial administrative structure of the TTPS including internal audit, payroll and stores management. What must be understood is that all business models of transnational organised crime are not the same, complementary with each other. The Mexican TTOs do not purchase impunity as the Colombian Dons what they do is turn key members of the national security apparatus into traffickers in their own right, players who then set about the task of corrupting the agency they are a member of to ensure their ability to move increasing loads of product to consumer markets as Europe whilst increasing the volume and diversity of illicit imports to increase the wealth generated from the local market. This then is the most implacable threat faced by the national security apparatus of T&T in its history.

The John Report then indicates that the TTPS is open for business but the FUL section is attractive for those who insist that they are decent and respectable but need legal firearms to protect illicit operations from which they are amassing wealth. Then there are those who want to profit out of their connections to the FUL unit to broker gun licenses and the sale of firearms to such persons, these are the opportunists driven by desire for social prominence dangerous people to deal with. The demand for supply of licit firearms is greatest in that layer of persons who supply services to the Colombian Dons who are decent and respectable persons not those despicable Africans and Mixed race of Gangland, with their legal front businesses as cover. The Mexican TTOs have no use for such persons as they deal with Gangland squeezing the decent and respectable of the Colombian Dons methodically out of business, the desire for FULs is then driven by a war between discordant business models in the illicit trades of T&T and the Colombian Dons have lost the war all over the Caribbean Basin. These decent and respectable servants of the Colombian Dons faced with the unrelenting assault of the Mexican MTTOs and their Gangland affiliates desire militias armed with legal weapons. This reality is confirmed by the public announcement in Jamaica of an investigation into corruption in the Firearms Licensing Authority (FLA) which is exactly like that exposed by the John Report in T&T. The servants of the Colombian Dons as in T&T are shopping for legal firearms in Jamaica to form militias with legal arms and ammunition and precepts. This is a war the Colombian Dons and their servants have already lost and if they continue to prosecute this war USA extradition warrants will touch down for decent and respectable persons of civil society as the Mexican TTOs will inform on them in keeping with their business model.

When Gary Griffith became Commissioner of Police and decided to open the flood gates of FULs he was not handing guns to the masses but to, yes you guessed it.

The already breached FUL administrative system impacted by the Griffith decision to open the flood gates of FULs went into feeding frenzy for Griffith was throwing blood on the water under the control of TTPS organised crime and spectacularly refused to heed the warnings of corruption brought to him by members of the unit according to the John Report, whilst he was bumping his gum in public on corruption within the FUL section of the TTPS. Griffith according to the John Report was then adamant that the floodgate of FULs be opened fully though fully aware of the corruption within the unit, and took no action to root our the corruption even though he was personally responsible and accountable for the unit. Which raises the question if Griffith was personally benefiting from his policy? From the John Report it is apparent that Griffith chose to ride the back of the tiger of organised crime in the TTPS to attain his desired ends in the FUL unit without due care or concern for the impact this reckless action will have on the TTPS and the public safety of T&T. What is simply astounding is trusting the integrity of a system and signing off on applications produced by it whilst you are speaking to corrupt practices in the said unit in public whilst privately doing nothing to break the back of organised crime in the unit. Is this the actions of a person fit for purpose as Commissioner of Police in T&T? This is riding the back of the tiger whilst insisting publicly that you were at war with the tiger enabling the tiger to eat you and your post.

The only laudable aspect of the John Report was the professional, upright attitude of specific police personnel who worked in the FUL unit, who were willing to oppose the corrupt activities which exerted hegemony over the daily functioning of the unit to the detriment of their careers and to come forward and testify to their experiences to the Stanley John investigation. This conviction bodes well for the future of the TTPS for with leadership in place with the will and conviction to act to break the back of organised crime in the TTPS there will be the groundswell of support vitally necessary to break the back of organised crime within the TTPS. The imposition of leadership on the TTPS sourced externally of the TTPS has then failed dramatically with grave impacts on the fighting fitness of the TTPS to respond to the ever evolving terrain of criminality in T&T under the hegemony of transnational organised crime. The legacy left by the last Commissioner of Police potently illustrates the failure of politicians to micromanage the TTPS from 1962 to the present for the sole purpose of social control rather than public safety which has immersed the TTPS in inertia whilst the terrain of crime has evolved through to its fourth epoch with its accompanying business model driven by transnational organised crime. The TTPS must now be dragged screaming and bawling out of its organizational inertia into the fourth epoch of transnational organised crime hegemony over the terrain of criminality in T&T or embrace the steady evolution of public insecurity in T&T.

A Plea for the children of T&T held in the camps in Syria: repatriate them NOW

Whilst regime change corporate media in T&T pursue the discourse of victimhood of Venezuelans who enter our country illegally and break our laws as if T&T is their colony no one speaks for the children of T&T held in the camps in Syria. the human rights of the Venezuelans entering T&T illegally is a big issue whilst the regime change media in Venezuela paints our TTCG as murderers but the human rights of our children living in a humanitarian crisis in a war zone is irrelevant. They are condemned to pay for the sins of their parents/parent. Never forget they are innocent they had no choice in the matter of going to Islamic State they were carried there or born there. All the concern for the Venezuelan migrants including the criminals that are masked by them and are in control of them but none for innocent children living living lives of physical deprivation and trauma caught up in a spectrum of trauma. Children of T&T abandoned by their government and the rest of the social order as we are fed a daily diet of Venezuelans in T&T, victims that we must surrender to but we never asked for them. Who speaks for the children of T&T in the camps, victims, castaways, collateral damage, where innocence is not an adequate defense, guilty by association. I am now asking that you visit the blog: and read the material posted presenting the reality of the children and raise your voice in support of the need to repatriate our children in Syria to T&T now before they die from neglect.

The Venezuelan Operatives of the Colombian Dons and the TTCG

The strategy of the Colombian Dons to use their drug boats with their DR and Venezuelan crews to ram the vessels of the DR, the USA off Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands and the Bahamian CG is now being unleashed in T&T waters against our TTCG interceptor vessels.The Colombian Dons are now sending the message that when their Venezuelan foot soldiers, their family and friends are entering and leaving T&T waters in their specially equipped maxi peneros to leave them alone, they must exercise impunity in our waters. This declaration of war is as a direct result of foot soldiers living in T&T disappearing en masse on their way to Venezuela even the penero is gone, This escalation will heighten and the TTCG can expect AK 47s, grenades and RPGs to be used against them on the high seas as the war escalates and they will launch this attack with women and children on board as human shields. Human smugglers will not engage the TTCG with attempts to ram their interceptor. The attack boats are specially made drug and gun boats leaving Falcon and Nueva Esparte states in Venezuela going all up the island chain to the DR. These are the boats that move personnel of the Colombian Dons to and fro from T&T to Venezuela and vice versa. These boats have a different profile in the water from the ordinary peneros but what gives them away is the power train in the rear, either two or more outboards adding up to over 1000 HP with V configured engines as Honda.The Colombian Dons order of business in T&T is based on Venezuelan operatives living in T&T some with families overseeing the illicit trades: drugs, guns and human smuggling, prostitution, foreign exchange smuggling, fake goods, fake pharmaceuticals, imports of food from Venezuela, Colombia etc, setting up bodegas and other front businesses. A specific arm is devoted to penetrating T&T gangland with Venezuelans who link these gangs to the Don turning them into the militias of the Don in T&T who serve the trafficking operations of the Don locally and up the islands. Each gang penetrated by the Don is expected to command turf in which to sell and earn and be the militia in the wars to expand turf under the control of the Don. The Colombian paramilitary Don is always driven by a political agenda and is not averse to use his gangland employees for political destabilization of a state it deems the enemy. Given T&T’s relationship with the Maduro government that is good enough reason for them but the potent barrier they face in T&T is the hegemony of the Mexican TTOs who exercise hegemony over the Game in T&T. The Colombian Dons are then sending the T&T government signals of its intention to ratchet up its engagement with the state. All those in the corporate media with their regime change agenda for Venezuela willing to attack our national security apparatus to prosecute this agenda when you get jack by your gate by five assailants with guns call the Colombian Don for help! Those of you who want to understand now you know why the murder toll in January 2022 is escalating to the point where the rivers of blood of 2017 to 2019 are again in the works. A war in the game between the Mexican TTOs and the Colombian Dons in T&T with the Venezuelan operatives in T&T being the puppet masters. Imagine we let these people into our country whilst we refuse to repatriate our citizens in Syria to T&T, our citizens whilst we have Venezuelan citizens waging war on us in our country.

February 11, 2002 It is now fact that human smuggling rings are moving illicit migrants from Bolivar state, Venezuela to T&T. Bolivar state is the focal point of gold, diamonds and coltan mining where Colombian paramilitary drug traffickers and their Venezuelan gangs openly contest with violence the hegemony of the State over this region. The traditional link between Bolivar state and T&T is founded on the smuggling of gold and diamonds to T&T for export to Europe etc. Now the Colombian paramilitaries are smuggling humans which masks their operatives entering T&T illicitly. Operatives with a history of violent behavior in the service of their Colombian overlords from various parts of Venezuela as Falcon, Delta Amacuro, Sucre, Nueva Esparte and Bolivar states are now present and operating in T&T, these are the so-called victims of Maduro persecution that the corporate media is selling us as saints , look for their halo but first check for the 9mm in their hand. What is now apparent is that we now have a Venezuelan modus operandi of crime emerging in T&T where anything that can be sold for gain is stolen and this modus operandi is being copied from the Venezuelan playbook. Wonder who is controlling the playbook?

The Murder of Keithisha Cudjoe: A Message to T&T

The murder of Ms Cudjoe close to the date of the murder of Andrea Bharrat with her body dumped in the Heights of Aripo just as Ms Bharrat’s body present one possible scenario which must be considered: a message from a group of predators that they are active, in operation and in yuh face. It was a group of predators with a hierarchy that abducted, robbed, assaulted and murdered Ms Bharrat. The apex predator of this group was never interdicted with the criminal enterprise dismantled. Research is confirming the position long discredited that certain sexual predators who kill their victims form bands that fully exploit the value of the victim even becoming involved in human trafficking given their penchant for creating bondage situations where they hold the victims as sex slaves until they kill and dispose of them. If Ms Cudjoe’s murder and the disposal of her body was in fact a message from a predatory pact then that pact is emboldened and it is evolving where we can expect the taking and holding of sexual slaves, entry into the economy of human trafficking and a growing sophistication in the method of the disposal remains of their victims. The profiles of the victims that disappear will speak to this reality. The stone age forensics of the State in T&T is not up to the task of collecting the evidence whenever the bodies of victims are found towards finding and incarcerating these predators which is the most important means to unmask these predators. The politicians have to present their A-game to ensure public safety. On another note it is now apparent that decent and respectable people are now hiring gang bangers to take out persons they have problems with. These are not professional hit men who are masters of their craft but ordinary run of the mill gang bangers as the issue is affordable price for service. I hope they understand that bangers don’t play by the rules and you are in their debt for your life and they will take your life when extortion fails. So you will have to keep hiring bangers to take out bangers holding secret on you. Just sign the divorce papers and give the woman what she is due for putting up with you.

February 12, 2022 Autopsies have confirmed that both Ms Bharrat and Ms Cudjoe died as a result of blunt force trauma which confirms the confluence of the modus operandi of n both murders which points to a serial killer profile involved in both murders. a message then to T&T!

Ketamine, Chinese TOC and Trinidad and Tobago: the Lessons

The interdiction of bottles labeled 10% Ketamine solution and a crystalline substance which is likely industrial grade Ketamine in the possession of illegal Chinese nationals in T&T in a gated community in East Trinidad is a potent indicator of the operational presence of Chinese TOC in T&T today. This presence of Chinese TOC dates back to the arrival of the Triads in T&T with the arrival of the Chinese merchant houses and Chinese immigration. The Triads dominated the terrain of Asian TOC with a Dragon Tail present and operating in T&T. Then in the early 21st century TOC from the PRC arrived especially from Fujian placed a Snake Head in T&T and effectively exerted hegemony over the terrain once dominated by the Triads. TOC don’t use Ketamine on captives destined for forced labor for especially industrial grade Ketamine is an apex illicit drug in the North Atlantic which attracts a market price that outstrips cocaine, heroin, and opioids. An elite upscale market demands Ketamine because it separates the body from consciousness whilst you remain conscious to experience it, cocaine, heroin opioids can’t supply that experience. There is a movement of psychiatrists that insist that Ketamine is effective in treating schizophrenia because of its impact on the mind and body separating them. The reason for the Ketamine in T&T is then obvious you import Ketamine from Asia as India is the worlds largest producer/exporter and China is also in the loop to T&T for trafficking to the US and Europe along with cocaine and you export cocaine from T&T, the Caribbean to Hong Kong along with fish bladders, exotic animal parts as the gall bladders, teeth of Jaguars, the penis of the morocoy etc with Chinese migrants coming in from China on their way to the USA and Canada as they transition in the Caribbean as in T&T. All of this activity is masked by licit activities. The message is clear: T&T in 2022 you are in the hardball league but the politicians still talking like we in the windball league, utter delusion.

Hashish, the MTTOs, their Affiliates and Trinidad and Tobago

The interdiction of 1, 161 kilos of Jamaican hashish (1.1 metric tonnes) at Manzanilla, Trinidad is a potent indicator that the supply side of the ganja market of T&T is being potently diversified to enhance, diversify and expand the nature and level of ganja demand in T&T by transnational organized crime (TOC). The most potent model of this diversification of the ganja market in the Caribbean at present is the supply of Moroccan hashish from France by Moroccan TOC to Martinique and Guadeloupe along with firearms with cocaine moving to France via the counter flow pipeline. Moroccan hashish is the premier hashish supplied presently to the Caribbean and its distribution has now outgrown the French overseas territories, one therefore expects that Moroccan TOC will now move to exploit the two largest ganja markets in the Caribbean dependent on imported product to satisfy soaring demand: T&T and Barbados by establishing an extension of the pipeline that links Martinique and Guadeloupe to France then Morocco. On this pipeline premier hashish, firearms and other products there is demand for in the Caribbean will flow with cocaine flowing out to Europe not only to France. Moroccan and Jamaica TOC are affiliates of the MTTOs. The Jamaican hashish interdicted on December 31st 2021 in Trinidad was packaged for delivery to the sales structure in T&T in 90 grammes packages with a trade mark attached, some 12, 900 packages not industry standard kilo bricks, which points to an organization charged with wholesale/retail sales on the ground to expand use and demand for the product. This is an exercise in demand stimulation by increasing market presence and availability with an entry price point and potency that leaves room for the creation of demand for premier, apex hashish. This is ganja market evolution in keeping with the strategic plan of the MTTOs for exploiting all illicit markets in trafficking states that they are operating in, now its the turn of the Caribbean specifically the largest ganja markets nearly wholly dependent on imports: T&T and Barbados. This Jamaican hashish interdicted has multiple sources of origin in the Caribbean namely Jamaica, Guyana and a number of Eastern Caribbean states or all of them, such is the rapidly evolving nature of the production of ganja in the Caribbean and the power wielded by Jamaican TOC in the Caribbean ganja market. What is now apparent in the drug market of T&T in 2021 and continuing into 2022 is that the Cleansing is now washing over those who are cogs in the wheel of the operations of the Colombian dons linking T&T to Venezuela via the maxi pineras that move back and forth constantly. This Cleansing is now impacting those in T&T whether Trinbagonians or Venezuelans and those in Venezuela as riding these pineras is now an opportunity for elimination. There is then the Cleansing simultaneously with market expansion and diversification as the MTTOs expand and deepen their hegemony of the illicit trades of T&T especially the parallel market for USD and Euro. Careful whom you are buying from, you might soon have silent partners that own you!

T&T 2021: The Murders of the Prison Officers in Context

The assassinations in public space of Prison Officers Serrette and Jones must be placed in the context of events in 2021 namely the importation of arms, ammunition and materiel to outfit a militia, the cache of weapons, plastique and detonators outside the maximum security prison clearly for a jail break and now the use of terror in a supposed attempt to destabilize the prisons to the benefit of inmates. If you intend to break the back of prison power why are you focused on eliminating the foot soldiers of the prison order of power: PO 1 and 2 and not members of the first division? For years in T&T PO1 and 2 have been made the fall guys for the thriving illicit trades of the prison order of power that have effectively eroded the hegemony of this order of power in favor of inmates to the benefit of individuals who grow rich on this illicit trade. This illicit order cannot take hold, grow and effectively challenge the prison order of power, as it’s doing now, without the complicity of members of the first division. The PO1 and 2 interdicted and charged are just collateral damage to keep the illicit order intact and generating illicit wealth. The very manner in which the POs were assassinated are lessons in themselves. Thy both were surveilled, stalked to set up the conjuncture for the kill team. PO Serrette was assassinated with extreme prejudice for shock and awe to send the message to whom? PO Jones was also surveilled and assassinated with a three car team one with the hit team and two chase cars. This was a professional hit, this was no gang banger staged event to take out a soft target at its most vulnerable moment, in public on foot with his very young daughter. This points to intense surveillance by persons organic to the terrain for maximum shock and awe, again to whom is the message addressed? The third attempt failed which showed the handiwork of gang bangers with a dire lack of preparation for an effective strike, sending the message that the strategy involves professional hits and the outsourcing of hits to open market operators. What is all of this in aid of but destabilization attempts being made by the scattered elements of a federation formed during the PPG era which generated the rivers of blood in T&T from 2017 to 2019 in their bid to dominate the illicit trades of T&T. The present attempt at destabilization indicates that they have no business interests that demand the maximization of illicit wealth for this is an action driven by the quest to destroy what they lost control over. But their actions impact the maximization of wealth in T&T by the hegemonic Order, the Rule which has responded in defense of its Order, its Rule. There is no prison on earth that insulates an inmate from the clutches of the Order, the Rule, prison is the playground of the Order, the Rule even if you are in bed with members of the prison authority. Understand what is happening in the prisons of Ecuador today. Pax Mexicana!

December 7, 2021 What is now apparent is given the endemic corruption, the privileges and impunity enjoyed by the players and shot callers amongst the inmates we now have prison gangs emerging in the T&T prison system with links to external gang as they seek to replicate themselves external of the prison system into the heart of gangland and the illicit trades. The T&T prison system is now tottering on the brink of becoming the foremost gang incubator in T&T as a result of endemic corruption and the inability of the old colonial infrastructure, standing orders and legislation to turn, face and respond to the grave threat posed. Just as the case of the old colonial firearms act prohibiting the issuing of guns to off-duty POs by the Commissioner of Prisons. It is the politicians who continue to breathe life into failed, dated colonial legislation in the 21st Century as it suits them not public safety. Whenever these players and shot callers in prison pose a threat to affiliates of the Order, the Rule in prison and a threat to the Order, the Rule external of prison, the Order, the Rule will respond to the threat emanating from the prison by destabilizing the entire system to silence the threat. An outcome that will have grave impact politically, institutionally especially on the national security apparatus and on public safety. Do your duty cleanse the system and shut down the impunity for the stability of the social order of T&T which the Order, the Rule expects.

Murder in T&T: 2019, 2020, January to November 2021

An analysis of the homicide statistics for Trinidad and Tobago released by the T&TPS for the years 2019, 2020 and for January to October 2021 by month of the year reveals that the murder toll from January to October 2019 was 443, for 2020 for the same period it was 346 and for 2021: 344 murders. For the period January to November 2019 the murder toll was: 494, in 2020 for the same period the murder toll was: 370. Which means that on November 16, 2021 we surpassed the murder toll set for the same period in 2020 by an estimated 2 murders but in no way is it a return to the river of blood of 2019. The monthly murder toll pattern for 2020 is not being repeated in 2021 which is illustrated by a comparison based on the quarterly murder toll for 2019 to 2021. For the fist quarter of 2019 the toll was 120, in 2020 it was 133 and in 2021 it was 84. The first quarter of 2020 was in fact more deadly than 2019 which indicated that the momentum of 2019 continued in the first quarter of 2020 but was accelerating but by the first quarter of 2021 there was a momentous change which reflected the reality of 2020 after its first quarter. The first quarter of 2021 was then showing a deepening of the deceleration of the murder toll. For the second quarter 2019 the toll was 137, for 2020 it was 99 and for 2021 it was 94. The deceleration in 2020 was marked compared to 2019 but 2021 was showing signs of the deceleration of the slowdown of its first quarter. In the third quarter the murder toll of 2019 was 151, 2020 was 80 and 2021 was 111which meant the deceleration of 2020 into 2021 was now over and the trend was for further acceleration in the fourth quarter. In the three quarters of 2019 the murder toll was 408, in 2020 it was 312 and in 2021 292. In October 2019 the murder toll was 35, in 202 it was 34 and in 2021 55 which meant the acceleration of the third quarter intensified/accelerated in October 2021. From January to October 2019 the murder toll was 443, in 2020 it was 346 and in 2021 it was 344. The deceleration trend to the murder toll that commenced in the second quarter of 2020 ended in the third quarter of 2021 with the toll for October 2021 continuing in this acceleration trend but in no way comparable to 2019. The monthly murder pattern of 2019 was then seeking to erase the pattern set in 2020 returning to the model of the murder spree in the third quarter where it then accelerates again in the first quarter of the following year.

What is potently apparent from this analysis is the fact that the murder toll is driven by realities on the ground especially by the order of power that is hegemonic over the illicit trades of T&T. The pandemic and the measures taken to curb the reach of the pandemic of the pandemic in T&T from 2020 to the present simply do not explain the terrain of murder in T&T from 2019 to November 2021. These measures heightened in 2021 did not fail to stop the acceleration of the murder toll in the third quarter of 2021 when Gary Griffith was CoP. In 2021 there is then a push back against the order of power that exerted its hegemony in 2020, there is continued changing of the guard and continuation of the fracturing of the old pre 2020 divisions in gangland where fractions of former adversaries are now welded into affiliates of the new order and former allies are now adversaries of the new order, where the have nots are doing battle with the haves and losing and the Cleansing continues, in some cases with termination with extreme prejudice, whilst the have nots care little of collateral damage. The new order is under the hegemony of transnational organized crime driven by a globalized business model of the illicit trades never experienced before in T&T flush with ForEx earned in the export propelled illicit trades.

What is now apparent in November 2921 is the launch of the new approach by the have nots to destabilizing the social order with the failure of two attempts at organized destabilization from April to June 2021 with the seizure of the arms shipment exported from the USA and the cache of explosives, arms and ammunition for the jail break. Presently it is now wars between have nots, the formation of wolf packs by those displaced by the new order seeking out and attacking soft targets with wanton violence, reigns of terror on those who venture into spaces the have nots control. Whilst the haves concentrate on maximizing the generation of wealth, the Cleansing and expanding the hegemony of the new order. There are multiple threats emanating from the illicit life that are not congruent with each other, the threat of transnational organized crime and its affiliates who are even now breaching the energy pipeline network for the illicit energy trade they are specialists of. Whilst the have nots thrash about venting the anger of their displacement and hard times on soft targets, the elderly, property and persons who find themselves in the wrong spaces at any time. There is no raging war in gangland as in the period 2017 to 2019, no momentum towards those years of rivers of blood, what there is the drive to the continued application of the Cleansing where those who lead the drive to mayhem will be dealt with when they cross the line, the divide and impact the Order and its maximization of wealth generation. Policing will continue to focus on the softest targets of the have nots whilst transnational organized crime unfold its menu of assaults on the economy and the financial infrastructure fully integrating T&T into its globalized transnational operational network bringing the illicit trades into the third decade of the 21st Century. Not all “cockroaches” are the same some are much more potent than others, some own multiple properties in the North Atlantic and their children attend ivy league colleges in the North Atlantic. Pax Mexicana!

With reporting by Vivian Bowen.

Update January 13, 2022

The reported murder toll for 2021 in T&T was 448 which meant that there were 159 murders in the 4th Quarter of 2021 indicating the upward spiral from the 3rd Quarter accelerating in the 4th Quarter and continuing in the 1st Quarter of 2022. The murder toll of the 4th Quarter of 2021 was larger than that of the same Quarter in 2019 and higher than the 3rd Quarter of 2019. Clearly the murder toll of 2020 is an aberration with 2021 following in the path of the period 2017-2019 where a momentum was created in the 3rd Quarter of 2021 which is continuing in the 1st Quarter of 2022. This momentum continues with the heart of Gangland in T&T quiet compared to the reality of the period 2017 to 2019. On the ground the have nots are in a frenzy breaking every rule of the Game in their quest to live the ideal life and they are paying with lives some terminated with extreme prejudice. Hence the deepening search for soft targets to pillage which amounts to a wave of terror unleashed on the most vulnerable sections of the social order.