A Plea for the children of T&T held in the camps in Syria: repatriate them NOW

Whilst regime change corporate media in T&T pursue the discourse of victimhood of Venezuelans who enter our country illegally and break our laws as if T&T is their colony no one speaks for the children of T&T held in the camps in Syria. the human rights of the Venezuelans entering T&T illegally is a big issue whilst the regime change media in Venezuela paints our TTCG as murderers but the human rights of our children living in a humanitarian crisis in a war zone is irrelevant. They are condemned to pay for the sins of their parents/parent. Never forget they are innocent they had no choice in the matter of going to Islamic State they were carried there or born there. All the concern for the Venezuelan migrants including the criminals that are masked by them and are in control of them but none for innocent children living living lives of physical deprivation and trauma caught up in a spectrum of trauma. Children of T&T abandoned by their government and the rest of the social order as we are fed a daily diet of Venezuelans in T&T, victims that we must surrender to but we never asked for them. Who speaks for the children of T&T in the camps, victims, castaways, collateral damage, where innocence is not an adequate defense, guilty by association. I am now asking that you visit the blog: http://www.daurius.com/blog and read the material posted presenting the reality of the children and raise your voice in support of the need to repatriate our children in Syria to T&T now before they die from neglect.

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