Tren de Aragua, Regime Change Discourse, Venezuela and T&T

Tren de Aragua, T&T and the Caribbean

The article in the Sunday Express March 13, 2022 page 7 was yet another example of the use of massa regime change discourse on Venezuela by the Express to pursue its present agenda on T&T to constantly stoke its moral panic on crime which has the TTPS in the firing line. The said article presents regime change discourse in Venezuela from sources whose discourse in no way reflects gangland reality on the ground in Venezuela to then extrapolate a causal impact on reality on the ground in T&T, which in no way is reality on the ground in Gangland T&T. Then the Express proceeds to question the acting CoP on this manufactured reality that in no way has traction with the reality of Gangland T&T today.

The entire instrument constituted to spread panic is premised on the regime change discourse of Gangland Venezuela and the so-called paramountcy of Tren de Aragua and their Caribbean operations. This discourse asserts that Tren is the paramount Gangland Venezuela organization today with no evidence to prove this assertion whilst it never articulates the relation of Tren to the Colombian paramilitary Dons or the Mexican TTOs or both. It fails to describe in detail the business model of Tren, its order of battle, organizational model and its disciplinary order. It fails to deconstruct the operational basis of Tren in Zulia state which is the command and control center of the Venezuelan illicit trades. This massa regime change discourse refuses to see the Mexican TTOs and cannot fully deconstruct the operations of the Colombian paramilitary Dons in Venezuela as they are the leading edge of regime change by insurrection, America’s instruments. Likewise the Express con job is silent on the role of the Colombian Dons and their operatives in Venezuela and T&T in the illicit trades from Venezuela to T&T and the Caribbean, this is the work of Tren. This sleight of hand massa deception is not new on Venezuela as for example there was the discourse of the Cartel of the Sun which was changed to Cartel of the Suns implicating for example Tareck el Aissami as a drug trafficker until it was revealed that the “evidence” was all fabricated, manufactured. Now there is Tren de Aragua to counter the revelations of the complicity of America’s president in waiting and the whole crew of “democrats” oppressed by Maduro with the Colombian paramilitary Dons and their trafficking organisations.

The first Venezuelan reality is that Tren arose and exerted hegemony over sections of Venezuelan Gangland in a 10 year time frame which coincided with the exertion of the hegemony of the Mexican TTOs over the illicit trades of Venezuela. The business model, the order of battle and the disciplinary order of Tren are exactly those of a Gangland affiliate of the Mexican TTOs. Tren is known to regularly engage in battle with Colombian paramilitary Dons who have invaded Venezuelan states that border Colombia especially with the renegade FARC and ELN. Tren is also known to engage , militarily with agents of the Venezuelan state in the employ of the Colombian Dons in Venezuela. Tren is all about generating wealth by any and all means necessary not regime change unlike Gangland Venezuela under the control of the Colombian Dons as El Koki which places it on a collision course with Gangland under the control of the Dons vividly illustrated by the clashes in the gold, diamond and coltan fields of Bolivar state.

Massa regime change discourse has then to generate this manufactured reality of Tren as its operational mode presents a potent challenge to the regime change agenda of Venezuelan Gangland under the control of the Colombian Dons. This daily challenge enables the Maduro regime to devote state resources to specific operations and operators of Colombian Don Gangland in Venezuela as El Koki liberating space which is then open for the new order of the Mexican TTOs. This is the benefit derived from staying clear of a regime change agenda in Venezuela today for the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Massa regime change discourse refuses to accept publicly the existence of the Mexican TTOs hence it is incapable of articulating reality on the ground forcing it to always manufacture a reality that has no traction on the ground as that of the Express and insightcrime, all instruments of massa regime change. When you use massa regime change discourse to constitute instruments of intervention on the ground you are doomed to repeat the same bullshit over and over with no impact on a reality your discourse cannot appropriate. The Express points fingers at the state agencies but the discourse it utilizes to interrogate the state agencies is incapable of understanding the reality on the ground much less efficaciously changing it.

Tren de Aragua and T&T

The Sunday Express story is now attempting to mask the reality that the Colombian Don and its agents dominate the illicit smuggling of illegal aliens into T&T from Venezuela using the sea routes from Venezuela. The illegal community that was created by human smuggling is under the hegemony of the Colombian Don and given the Cleansing coupled with the hegemony of the Mexican TTOs over the illicit trades of the Caribbean including T&T this illicit community of non-nationals, the trafficking families of the oligarchy, other persons and groups and gangland of the Colombian Don is now being reconfigured into a redoubt by/for the Colombian Dons. The order of the Mexican TTOs in Venezuela does not rely on Sucre state to export illicit drugs and illegal aliens to T&T and the Caribbean as they utilise the Colombian and Venezuelan Caribbean coastline to do this, in the case of Venezuela stretching from Falcon state to Nueva Esparta state in addition to Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana with command and control in Nueva Esparta. The disciplinary order of the Mexican TTOs and its affiliates precludes operatives of this order speaking to any researcher making revelations that will earn them their eternal silence in T&T worse yet in Venezuela. The loose lips of independents and those in the employ of the Colombian Dons reveal nothing about the order and the Tren for what applies to the business model and disciplinary order of the Colombian Don is irrelevant to the Order of the Mexican TTOs and their affiliates of Gangland.

The activities of the Tren in T&T and the Caribbean must obey the rules of the Order as there are affiliates of the Order in T&T and the Caribbean which precludes any attempt to engage in any battle for dominance against fellow affiliates of the Order. Tren will then be present to tap into the old pipeline that moves Venezuelan gold and diamonds from T&T to Europe, tap into the pipeline that exports scrap metals from T&T, tap into the pipeline that moves coltan to the north Atlantic, tap into the market for professional sex workers in T&T and the Caribbean. These are the major activities that will interest the Tren in T&T and the Caribbean as the illicit drug trafficking pipelines are well established and moving product to especially Europe. The Tren de Aragua is then simply another affiliate of the Mexican TTOs intent on squeezing the illicit market share of the Colombian paramilitary Dons in Venezuela and the Caribbean which is heightening their exclusion from the north Atlantic illicit markets especially in the rapidly growing drug market of Europe. As a result the drug trafficking families of the T&T oligarchy given their increasing dependence on US drug markets for their survival are increasingly extraditable putting in play the Cleansing of the traffickers of the oligarchy as in Guatemala and now Honduras which is/was the handiwork of the Mexican TTOs.

The said article in the Sunday Express amounted to very little in light of the hegemonic order on the ground, all it was is massa regime change discourse applied to T&T to invoke a moral panic on the threat posed by Tren de Aragua deliberately attempting to mask the activities of the Colombian Dons in T&T that pose the grave threat to public safety. The most potent indicator of this deliberate masking of reality on the ground in T&T is this statement from the article: “Intelligence sources say Tren de Aragua currently has a partnership with a well known incarcerated person from East Trinidad. The person is currently in jail, jointly charged with others with murder, conspiracy to murder and other gang related charges.” The article is then insisting that this East Trinidad group is an affiliate of an affiliate of the Mexican TTOs which means that what they are currently charged for was sanctioned by the Mexican TTOs. This assertion then opens a new can of worms for those pushing massa regime change agenda for Venezuela applied to T&T which they cannot perceive nor rationalize. The reality on the ground is entirely contrary, in fact contradictory as the link is to the Colombian Dons through the Cleansed federation, a closed chapter in the history of the illicit trades in T&T. “Intelligence” manufactured by a regime change agenda has no traction with reality on the ground, cannot appropriate reality on the ground and constitute a relevant intervention! This is the basis of massa phony war on drugs that enables the Game never controls it.

March 30, 2022 The said Sunday Express article attempting to describe reality on the ground in both Venezuela and T&T Gangland should have revealed the reality of Gilberto Malony Hernandez El Malony who created the Tren de Llanos in the service of the Colombian paramilitary Dons located in Sucre state Venezuela where for one and a half years he moved product from Sucre state to T&T and the rest of the Caribbean for the Colombian Dons. In November 2021 El Malony was killed by the FAES in San Juan de Unare, Sucre which collapsed his operations and dispersed his band to Guarico. From 2019 to November 2021 El Malony and his Tren de Llanos was the player in T&T for the Colombian Dons with developments in the illicit trades in T&T and the Caribbean flowing back to Sucre state resulting in his demise in a hail of bullets. There will be no mention of this reality in articles using regime change discourse this is a reality that will remain masked, denied by delusion.


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